Accounting and maths

The topics covered include troubleshooting, reports, customers and suppliers, VAT, bank, and various other areas.

The questions vary between basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Accountants will spend more time concerning themselves with information such as tax laws, financial records, and other fiscal terms.

This test is appropriate for experienced Sage Line 50 v12 users with more than one year's experience using the software. With some experience in filing and depositing taxes, labor laws, including but not limited to wages compensation, anybody can run successfully the ADP Payroll system from start a new cycle to year end reports.

The MAS 90 test includes various accounting modules for easy processing of data. This test is appropriate to administer to people with one or two years experience in accounting and knowledge of MAS 90 Bookkeeping for Windows functions, with some experience in Accounts Payables and Receivables.

The candidate should be able to pay bills, track receivables, process payroll in full, post journal entries, and maintain a company's books and basic financial statements. Candidates will be tested on their knowledge of tabs and information location as well as the general ledger, bank reconciliation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll modules.

All sides of the ledger must balance, meaning that you must account for all monies.


Unlike technical fields, Property Management is not a factor specific job. The test aims at determining whether the test taker knows the principles of payroll such as wages calculation, the different pay periods, payroll deductions, different methods of payments, tax depositing and how and when to file the reports including year-end reporting.

This test is designed for clerical workers and administrative assistants who do some bookkeeping as part of their job responsibilities. CL provides test-prep education to enable school and college students gain admission to professional courses.

Bookkeeping - Professional The Bookkeeping - Professional assessment measures the test taker's capabilities as a full-charge Bookkeeper. Mathematics is used in almost everyaspect of art, and most universities even offer an entire classcalled Mathematics in Art and Architecture.

This test for Property Management is appropriate to administer to those that have basic knowledge of real estate maintenance, accounting and, of course, local, state, and federal laws that apply to the rental market.

It allows the assessment and input of financial, asset, and cost accounting information and procedures as well as production operations and materials. In that sense, accounting is an extremely precise and clear cut subject.

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Bank Teller Skills This skills evaluation was designed for bank teller candidates with varying levels of experience, from basic teller skills to advanced banking product knowledge.

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Financial Skills Tests

Advanced Higher Mathematics - in-depth study of the ways in which mathematics describes our world with project-based tasks and an emphasis on independent learning. There are three key professional qualifications that provide routes into the accounting world: the ACA, the ACCA and CIMA. There's no "right" or "wrong" qualification to choose, but making a smart choice that suits you best from the options available to graduates can be key to long-term success.

Accounting & Mathematics BSc Accounting is the process of collecting, measuring, analysing and communicating information to aid decision-making within business and other organisations. Mathematics incorporates successful explorations of numerical, geometrical and logical relationships.

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Accounting and maths
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